Aspec Sciré, Inc. is a construction industry focused drone-data analytics company. We license our construction management software solutions to construction companies, architects, structural engineers, system integrators, drone operators and drone OEMs across the globe.

The global market for commercial applications of drone technology, currently estimated at about $2 billion will balloon to as much as $127 billion by 2020. Drones provide a unique platform to collect a variety of data. Sophisticated analytics on drone data can help companies gain unique insights into their businesses, helping them uncover new business opportunities and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

At Aspec Sciré, we focus on using sophisticated image processing and machine learning algorithms to glean actionable insights from drone-collected data. These insights, in turn, help our customers improve their business.

The term ‘Aspec Sciré’ is Latin for scrutinizing something to extract deep insights. We believe this name accurately captures our core philosophy and succinctly describes what we do.

Aspec Sciré is  part of Google’s Surge Program – A Cloud Offering for Recognised & Growing Startups.

Aspec Scire’s Vimana Platform helps our clients manage all stages of a construction project from land acquisition to site preparation to marking and foundation to structural work all the way to project delivery. Vimana is built on powerful technologies such as photogrammetry, image processing and artificial intelligence/machine learning and runs completely on the cloud. Consequently our clients don’t require expensive hardware infrastructure or technology management expertise to use this solution. Running on the cloud provides practically unlimited compute and storage without the need for substantial capital expenditure.

Meet the Team


Krishna Sudarshan

Chief Executive Officer


Kiran Shastri

Product and Engineering


Dr Rajsekar Manokaran

Computer Vision &

Machine Learning

Manav Shankar

Sales and Marketing


Prabhakar Chigateri

Projects and Operations


Keerthi Sudarshan

Finance and Admin